Frequent Questions

What kind of handyman jobs do you do?
Pretty much all handyman jobs – everything from putting up pictures and curtains, to fitting a kitchen or bathroom. Please see the list of handyman jobs on this website – but it is not exhaustive – if you can’t see what you need on the list, please ask.

Do you guarantee your work?
All new work is guaranteed for 12 months. In the unlikely event that you were not happy with the work I would return and remedy the problem immediately. Customer satisfaction is absolutely key. As a local business I depend on reputation and word of mouth. Some recent customer comments are on this website. I operate under The Guild of Handymen code of conduct.

How do you charge?
Free estimates are handled over the phone, but large jobs will require a visit and incurr an onsite estimate fee of £20 which is refunded if work goes ahead.

£95 per 3.5 hour half day. £190 per 7 hour full day. Discounts apply for a full 5 days and regular customers.

Customers are also charged for parking if applicable.

Do you do free estimates?
I can generally give you a rough idea over the phone of how long the job is likely to take, assuming there are no unexpected problems. I doubt anyone could do the work I do in a shorter time! For larger jobs I may need to visit and give you an estimate on site which will incurr an estimate fee of £20 which is refunded if the work goes ahead.

Who will come to do the work?
I will generally undertake the work myself. I have a very small team of trusted professionals who work with me on larger, specialist jobs.

Do you work weekends or evenings?
Most work is completed during the working day, Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm.

Where do you work?
Most of my handyman business is focused on Greater Manchester. Sometimes I am able to work for customers outside the area. There can be an additional charge – but it is worth asking.

How do I pay?
You can pay by card or bank transfer.

Are you insured?
Yes, full public liability and other relevant insurance. Documents can be seen on request.

Do you give fixed appointment times?
I try to be as accurate as I can with appointment times however, times are only a guide. You are not expected to wait in all day!

Do you do fixed price quotes?
Not as a rule, because fixed quotes have to include unexpected parameters. A fixed quote will usually be 3 times higher and ecourages a quick in / quick out mentallity which reduces the quality of work. However, if a customer is adament for a fixed price then i will be happy to apply one.

Can you source products for me?
I don't source products as this can often take a lot of research time and can lead to disappoiment.

Do you take away rubbish, packaging and boxes?
I generally do not take away rubbish as the council charge tradespeople more than private individuals. I can give suggestions of people who can help though.

I hope these FAQs cover the questions you have – but please get in touch if you have further questions.

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